CYBEX Sirona T i-Size Plus 360° Rotating Toddler Car Seat AND ISOFIX BASE – Peach Pink

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The CYBEX Sirona T i-Size Car Seat in Plus Peach Pink is the perfect companion for you and your little one to take you on an enjoyable, safe, and comfortable journey. Both rear-facing and forward-facing positions offer unparalleled levels of safety, with integrated linear side-impact protection keeping your child safe and secure during a car ride.

The smooth one-hand rotation mechanism also allows you to transition between the two positions smoothly. Reclining can also be done easily with a single hand while still having one hand free. Paired with Isofix base T this car seat removes all your worries so that you can focus on enjoying each trip with your little one in comfort and safety.

  • From birth to approx. 4 years
  • Use only with the ISOFIX Base T (must be purchased with the base T unless you have the Base T already)
  • All-round air ventilation system – The Sirona T i-Size breathable materials keep your little one cool
  • Up to 50% higher safety levels – The Sirona T i-Size provides superior protection in both travelling directions in the case of an accident
  • With the Sirona T i-Size, you can effortlessly on and off-board your little one, thanks to its 360° rotation that smoothly rotates towards the car door
  • The Sirona T i-Size includes a removable newborn inlay which provides a near-flat lying position, allowing for the use of the car seat from birth in the rear-facing position
  • Small magnets are located on either side of the Sirona T i-Size, allowing you to attach the metal parts of the harness, keeping the straps out of the way for a simpler onboarding
  • The five recline positions of Sirona T i-Size can be easily adjusted with just one hand, freeing up your other hand for different tasks. This feature works in both rear and forward-facing positions
  • Awarded a GOOD (2,3), in the latest ADAC ratings, the CYBEX Sirona T i-Size combines luxurious comfort and safety. It’s just the perfect answer for rear-facing travel from birth up to 4 years old or choose to turn forward-facing after 76cm and 15 months old.
  • 25% more side impact protection – The Sirona T i-Size is equipped with the proven Linear Side-impact Protection System (L.S.P.) which enhances safety in the event of an accident. Activate the L.S.P on the side of the car seat nearest the door, together with the energy-absorbing shell of the seat, the extended side protection reduces the initial impact forces by up to 25%. If needed, the L.S.P. System can be easily stored away in the case of limited space in the car


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