Badabulle Foldable Bath Seat

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The Badabulle Foldable Bath Seat is the perfect way to make bath time fun and safe for your little one. This bath seat features four non-slip suction cups to ensure a strong grip on the bottom of the tub, and a comfortable wide backrest for your child to play and enjoy their bath. The leg post and bar surrounding the seat fold down for easy seating, and the seat itself is completely foldable for easy storage and transport.

  • 4 non-slip strong suction cups
  • Patented full-opening leg post for easy seating
  • Foldable bath seat with front opening for easy seating
  • Travel-friendly: Foldable seat for flat + compact storage
  • Folds down flat for easy storage at home + taking away with you
  • Adjustable, opening bath seat t-bar frame for easy + comfortable seatin
  • Measurements: W33 x D27 x H29cm
  • Folded Measurements: H13 x W45cm
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