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Out n About EVA 10″ Wheels (set of 3)

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  • 10 Inch Wheels With EVA Tyres
  • Makes For Easier Steering
  • Puncture Proof Tyres
  • Ideal For Urban Use

The Out N About Nipper 360 V3 10 Inch Wheel Set with EVA Tyres can transform your nipper from rugged offroader to urban pavement hopper in seconds.

Air tyres are fantastic for child comfort and great for pushing, but even us a Uber Kids admit that sometimes they can puncture, which can be frustrating. The 10 Inch wheel set has been designed as a simple replacement for the standard 12 inch wheels with pneumatic tyres, and offers an EVA tyres which do not puncture. this is great news for the Nipper owners who use their buggies in cities or just to walk around the local park as the comfort is still maintained, yet the maintenance is almost none existent!

The 10 inch wheels are also excellent for manoeuvring and also ensure the pushchair takes up less room when stored. If you are a Nipper owner who is not a regular trail goer, then these wheels might be just what you are looking for.

PLEASE NOTE: Picture For Illustration Purposes Only. These Wheels Will Not Fit the V1.