Koo-DI Stroller Lock (Black)

Koo-DI Stroller Lock (Black)

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Protect your pushchair from thieves Lightweight and compact stroller lock The lock allows you to choose your own combination and reset it if needed Can be used for bicycles, skis, etc 27 inch retractable cable to lock your stroller anywhere, anytime Funky and fun, Koo-Di not only provides solutions which often pose the question: ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ but are also great value, freeing up precious time to spend doing the fun things in life with your little ones. From pop-up travel cots small enough to fit into your changing bag; to the roomiest changing bags packed with pockets and features; bath time fun & safety; beautiful feeding sets; fabulously compact pack-it rain covers, sun & sleep shades, carriers, all the bits and bobs you need when out and about¬’ once you’ve discovered Koo-Di’s innovative and amazingly practical solutions, you will wonder how you ever managed to survive without them. One such product is the Koo-Di Stroller lock is ideal to help protect your pushchair from thieves. This has a 27 Inch retractable cable to help secure your stroller anywhere, anytime and allows you to choose your own combination and reset it anytime, this can also be used to secure your changing bag or purse to your stroller. It can be used for bicycles, skis, etc. .


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