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Bebecar Stylo Class Vanilla Pram and Pushchair from the 2022 Special Edition Range. Bebecar Stylo Class Prams are the ultimate luxury Pram for you and your Baby. They really are so special.

Bebecar’s New 2022 Specials Collection, are made from high quality textured leatherette Fabrics, with contrast details and chrome chassis, for a touch of luxury every day. The Bebecar Stylo Class offers sleek and precision engineering, to make every journey easy and comfortable.

Bebecar Carrycot Features

The Bebecar Carrycot is so luxurious for your baby. Above all Only the best cotton has been selected to line your babies carrycot to ensure is it delicate for babies skin. The Cotton lining is also so easy to remove ensuring that your babies carrycot is kept clean and fresh all the time.

The Bebecar carrycot features multiple vents to ensure baby is always kept cool and has enough ventilation in the summer weather. There is a mesh window at the back of the carrycot which will ensure cool air is circulated through the pram when pushing. There are also vents underneath the babies mattress to aid the flow of cool air through the carrycot. These are integrated into the base of the carrycot and are fully adjustable.

Comfort and safety

Your Bebecar Carrycot also features four recline positions. Laying flat for Newborn babies to protect there growing spines and backs. Sitting up for those little babies who as they grow become inquisitive. We believe with the addition of the adjustable back rest you can keep baby in the carrycot for longer whilst ensuring the baby is happy and also having all the benefits of a carrycot for longer.

There is a carry handle on the top of the carrycot for easy transportation. The easy click system ensures the carrycot is easy to not only click on to the chassis but remove also.

Another great feature is the Carrycot is able to be collapsed flat whilst packing in your car or for easy keeping after it is no longer in use.

One of the amazing features of the Bebecar carrycot is that you can strap it in to your vehicle and keep baby lying flat whilst traveling. This is amazing if you are going on long journeys but also really handy if the baby is asleep you do not have to transfer them to a car seat. You just strap baby in using the carrycot harness kit provided.

The Pushchair unit of your Bebecar Prive can be facing you or world facing. The pushchair unit can be reclined to lay completely flat meaning it is suitable from birth.

There is substantial padding in the back and sides of the seat unit ensuring your baby is protected and comfortable at all times. The harness has two positions and comes with padded harness pads again ensuring baby’s maximum comfort.

Whilst the five point safety harness ensures baby safety. To get baby in and out of the pushchair easily the bumper bar can be swung open. Therefore ensuring you are not lifting baby too much to get them in the pushchair.

The adjustable leg rest also ensures baby is comfortable at all times.

Bebecar Stylo Class Chassis

The Bebecar Stylo Class chassis is not only stylish it is packed with features to ensure babies comfort and safety.

The chassis features a folding system with a double security lock. The handle height is also adjustable making it the perfect pushchair for the tallest or smallest of parents.

The Classic bouncy chassis has a four point sprung suspension to ensure the smoothest of rides.

The front wheels of the classic chassis are steerable, ensuring the classic look but with a practical movement.

The front swivel wheels are easily detachable and feature auto-lubricated sleeves with bearings for greater manoeuvrability. Furthermore The rear wheels also remove really easily.

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