CYBEX Solution T i-Fix Plus Car Seat – Cozy Beige

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The CYBEX Solution T i-Fix PLUS Car Seat in Cozy Beige is the perfect combination of safety and comfort for your little one. The reclining headrest is patented and designed to guarantee a safe and comfortable journey for both you and your little one. The reclining backrest in two positions is also made with premium materials to ensure your little one stays protected and secure throughout any car ride.

The ISOFIX makes installation a breeze, so it’s easy to adjust on any vehicle. The adjustable height makes sure the seat fits perfectly with any body size, making the solution truly personalized. It also features an automatic width adjustment that ensures your baby gets a custom-fit experience each time they settle into the chair.

The advanced Linear Side-Impact Protection System (LSP) offers unrivalled protection levels compared to conventional door-side systems by dispersing forces over a larger area giving your little ones maximum safety at all times and with air ventilation and mesh soft goods, keeping the optimal temperature inside will never be an issue.

The PLUS fabrics are high-end fabrics, with a slightly different look to the Cloud Z2 which adds extra style to your little one’s car seat. The PLUS fabrics feature air ventilation channels on the hard parts of the car seat. It also features additional breathable soft mesh fabrics, so little one will be riding in style and be super cosy during car rides.

  • ISOFIX connect
  • Patented reclining headrest
  • Use from 3-12 years (approx.)
  • All round air ventilation system
  • Automatic height + width adjustment
  • Optimised Linear Side-impact Protection
  • Maintains a comfortable seating temperature
  • The head section is actively guided into a safe position
  • Head and shoulder protectors that grow with your child
  • The Cybex Solution T i-Fix is an ADAC Test Winner in its category (from approx. 4-12 years old), achieving the notable result GOOD (2,0), growing with your child and keeping them safe from 4 years until 12 years old!
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