Ewan the Dream Sheep

Ewan the Dream Sheep

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Ewan the Dream Sheep is a sleeping aid for young children and babies alike. With a soothing glow and 4 serene sounds its perfect as a night time companion for any little one. Squeeze its foot to hear a variety of calming sounds. The light and sounds run for 20 minutes and Ewan the Dream Sheep can be suspended form the cot with his Velcro tail. If you’re looking for a unique Christening or 1st Birthday gift, this sheep toy is a fantastic idea. The sleep aid will help to soothe restless babies and those suffering from colic. ‘Ewan the Dream Sheep is a plush toy that plays 4 soothing sounds, designed to aid sleep ‘Listen to falling rain, sounds from the womb, a vacuum cleaner and harp music ‘Glows red for a warm, comforting glow ’20 minute timer ‘Volume controls ‘Hangs from cot with Velcro tail ‘The sheep toy measures approx 18 cm x 20 cm x 15 cm ‘Ewan takes 3 x AAA batteries (included for demonstration purposes) ‘Ideal gifts for newborns and toddlers If your children have trouble sleeping, or perhaps they are afraid of the dark, Ewan the Dream Sheep provides a night time companion with soothing sounds.


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