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Cloud B Twilight Ladybug Bedtime Soother

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Product Description

Twilight Ladybug is a plush toy nightlight that transforms any room into a starry night sky to help comfort children to sleep. From within his plastic shell, Twilight Ladybug projects a magical constellation of stars onto the bedroom ceiling and walls in three soothing color options: blue, green & red. Twilight Ladybug’s shell illuminates to help ease children’s fear of the dark.

This interactive and educational toy includes eight actual constellations (such as The Big Dipper) embedded in the star pattern. Parents can sit with their children and identify these major constellations using the wonderfully illustrated Twilight Ladybug Star Guide. Twilight Ladybug helps make bedtime fun. The Ladybug plush is now available in 2 different colors: Pink and Red!

Box Contains

Twilight Ladybug

Star Guide to help identify constellations

3 x AAA batteries


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